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A delightfully delicious sandwich that can be done in a jiffy. “Gulkand” also called “Rose Petal Jam”, is a rose petal preserve and an Indian traditional recipe. It derives its earthy sweetness by preserving crushed rose petals along with sugar powder in a glass jar kept under sunlight for a few days. Consuming it has multiple medicinal benefits. Gulkand with its cooling properties alleviates heat related problems like tiredness, lethargy etc. It is also used for treating acidity, body odour, excessive perspiration. List of benefits are much more.

Dish Type: Quick  Snack
Time required: 5 mts
Serves: 1 person

Bun                              1 no.
Butter                          2 tsp
Gulkand                       2 tsp
Spicy Groundnuts         2 tsp

Slice bun into half horizontally.
Spread butter on to each cut side.
You can also spread butter mildly on the outer brown side also if you wish to toast it (optional).
Just a mild gentle toast will do.
Now spread gulkand evenly over the butter. Leave little space from the edges.
Sprinkle Masala Peanuts over one of them above gulkand. Top it by covering with the other half portion of bun.
Gulkand sandwich is now ready.

Tete – a - Tete
Bun can either be sweet or spicy variety. I generally use the spicy one since gulkand by itself is sweet.
Masala peanuts are easily and readily available in bakeries and condiment stores. To view recipe in this blog, click Masala Peanuts (Congress Kadlekai)
Gulkand made of Rose petals mixed with Dry Fruits and Cow Ghee is a very tasty and healthy variety of Gulkand readily available in Organic shops.

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