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Thaka dhimi thaka dhimi thaka dhimi thai…. dhiththai…hoy, hoy watta jaai it is to watch my dolly Veena jolly well dance with her best foot forward…haa fine….but why skip her repast when lunch time is well past and make me too spin in spiral to her steps” wonders Amma of Veena. Frowning Veena stops dancing n starts singing….
“MmmmMaa, if you are happy n you know it, stomp your feet, tup tup tup….If you are happy n you know it, cook me a treat, chukchukchakk…”
Chakachuk in Ma springs an idea. She quickly thinks of a trick to woo her daughter. Off she speedsteps to the kitchen just like light, speedier than a deer and dhideer she returns well before sun is down with a munch that spirals round n round, looks spiky like and brown….showered even by a toddler with a kind of love that lasts till he/she is grown n called by all as older. Now we know why these spirally, spiky, yummiekkus tanned goldie brown forever remain Joyalukkus of the Town.

Ma ends up singing to her dearie “When you are happy with the murukkus and you’ve munched it, arre re ….shout out a Hurray le!

Dish Type:  South Indian Vegetarian Rice Variety
Time required:  30 min approx.
Yield:  20 pieces approx.

For dough:
Rice flour                    750 gms
Roasted gram             250 gms
Salt to taste                 1 tsp approx.
Asafoetida                   A pinch
Til seeds                      A fistful (dry roasted)
Cumin seeds                1 tsp (optional)
Butter                          1 scoop (lemon size)
Oil                               as required for deep frying

Finely powder roasted gram. To this add all other ingredients listed above except oil till it forms a dough (add minimum quantity of water required). Knead this dough thoroughly. Fill this into the gadget used for making chakklis.
Heat oil in a kadai. Let oil quantity be enough to fry about 2 or 3 chakklis at a time. Press the chakkli gadget filled with dough on to this heated oil in slow and circular motion. Repeat this 2 or 3 times so that there are 2 or 3 chakklis frying in the oil. If the dough gets over in the gadget refill it with more dough and continue pressing.
While chakklis are frying, flip them using a ladle so that the other side is also fried. When the chakklis turn golden brown in colour, remove them and place them on a plate topped by a tissue paper. This is done so that excess oil in the chakklis get sucked by the paper.
Repeat the procedure for rest of the dough.
Tasty chakklis are now ready and tempting you…right?

Tete - a - Tete:
If butter quantity is in excess, chakklis tend to break
Another method of making dough was shared by Smt. Gayathri, a friend of mine. Soak 1 cup of urad dal overnight. Grind it to a fine, smooth paste. To this add 2 cups of rice flour and all other ingredients listed above and mix them well to make smooth dough. Rest of the procedure remains the same as above.
Another variation in ingredients used for the dough as told to me by Smt. Krishnaveni, cook from my neighbourhood is to add equal quantities of besan and rice flour. Add other ingredients as listed above to make dough.
Recipe Contributor: Smt. Nagarathnamma, an expert cook and mother of my dear friend Smt. Veena Vani

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