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Rasam Powder of a different kind. Try this….simply spicy, so damn easy recipe.
Pampered with Black Pepper, the world’s most traded spice. Used as spice and seasoning, it is often paired with salt for soups, sandwiches etc. Here, it is used with few other spices, roasted and ground to make a unique spice powder that is chiefly used to make Pepper Rasam or Menasina Saaru.

Dish Type:  Spice Powder
Time required:  15 min
Yield: 30 gms (approx.)

For dry roasting and grinding:  
Black gram                  1 tsp
Cumin seeds                ½ tsp
Pepper corns               ½ tsp
Curry leaves                1 sprig
Dry coconut grated     1 tbsp
Wheat                         1 tsp

Dry roast separately all ingredients listed under “For dry roasting and grinding”. Transfer them to a plate. Let it cool thoroughly. Grind them together to a fine powder.
Pepper Rasam Powder is now ready.
Use this powder to make “Pepper Rasam”

Tete - a - Tete

Rasam is generally prepared using Rasam powder wherein red chillies are used. However this spice powder is used to make rasam of a different kind called Pepper Rasam or Menasina Saaru. It is christened so since it is ruled by the King of Spices i.e., Pepper. The spice powder used is hence named as “Pepper Rasam Powder”.

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