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Tu Pyaar ka Saagar Hai

1/7 songs from the film Seema (1955). A film that screens splendid acting of a simple story portrayed in simpler form. Teenager Gauri (Nutan) orphaned early, treated as unwanted by her Uncle and Aunt, and framed for spurning on being pursued by a lecherous cook where she worked as maid, was finally housed in a reform institution with Ashok (Balraj Sahni), as the kind warden . Irate with the world in general, constant rule breaker taking law into her hands, a frequent fighter in a furious mood, Nutan is slowly but surely reformed, thanks to the gentle, patient, caring, understanding and restrained attitude of Balraj S with whom she starts realizing she is in love…..

Excellent musical scores by Shankar Jaikishen during the pinnacle of their career, complemented by brilliant lyrics by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri was what made Seema, the film a grand success. The masterpiece amongst the scores however is “Tu Pyaar ka Saagar Hai”.

Tu Pyar ka Saagar Hai Youtube link

An intensely emotional, serene and soothing prayer song sung by Prabodh Chandra Dey - Padma Bhushan Manna Dey to music lovers, a singer who could twist his voice to varying tunes be it Indian classical or Western, sad or romantic, playful  or poignant or many others in between. Great combination of lyrics and music makes this a rare song with its own standing, for leaving aside its cinematic context it transcends to stay in the minds of listeners for recurring recall.

When the wheel of fortune (or the wheel of destiny as I call it) in our lives rides against us, driving us to a state of despair, an inevitable recourse one resorts to is divine help in the form of “PRAYER”. (I recall reading somewhere that even a confirmed atheist such as Khushwant Singh is believed to have resorted to those meditation beads when no one was around him!) The depth and intensity of our prayers peak up more so when the prayer is a song such as this, creating a mood such as this, sung by a voice such as his (Manna De’s ) brilliantly backed by lyrics from a lyricist such as Shailendra.

When one listens to the song sans the visuals, it feels as if it is sung in holy environs enveloped by an aura of bright lit lamps, fresh n fragrant flowers and joss sticks all of these in a sense inducing an “incense feel” , thanks to the deep resonant enchanting voice of  Manna De which leaves us in a trance.

 Film: Seema (1955)      
Director: Amiya Chakravarthy    
Music Composer: Shankar Jaikishen
Lyrics: Shailendra            
Singer: Manna Dey         
Actors:  Balraj Sahni, Nutan, Shubha Khote

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