Saturday, 10 September 2016

SOLUTIONS to Cryptic Clues CB 36 to CB 40

CB 36: Flier carried a gun (5) RIFLE
CB 37: Doctor does prescribe quantity of medicine (4) DOSE
CB 38: Can dust be used to create a jewellery piece (4) STUD
CB 39: Enjoy oneself while lifting a lever (5) REVEL
CB 40: Bore a hole in a loose garment (4) ROBE

In each of the above clues, 
Words coloured in red are “Questions” i.e. they are words/phrase for which you have to give a synonym as Answer. 
Words in blue italic are to be anagrammed to create a new word which is the synonym i.e. the ANSWER – shown in GREEN CAPS at the end of the clue.
For example, in CB 36, answer is RIFLE because it is a synonym of the word “gun” and is derived by anagramming letters of the word “flier”.

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