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Pyar Hua Iqrar Hua (Duet)

My debut attempt at Portraits - Sketch of Lataji
My sketch of Nargis Dutt


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This song "Pyar Hua Iqrar Hua" was picturised on Nargis Dutt and Raj Kapoor, sung by Lata Mangeshkar

A song that starts with a tune and a thud! Yes, of thunder and those big bubbly ripples in the water body announcing the arrival of a ‘pouring’ song. When it rains, it pours right? 
This is 1 / 8 songs from the film Shree 420 (1955). Most of the songs are strategically planned and placed at pivotal phases in the movie. Shree 420 is a complete movie that is greater than the sum of its many elements – comedy, drama, romance, music and a profound message. A moving parable portrayed poignantly, about win of morals over money. It was love, temptation and self-deception that preceded redemption.
Raj, a village boy from Allahabad who walks to Mumbai for a living, falls in love with Vidya , a school teacher and an epitome of values. Seduced by the riches of Seth, an unscrupulous businessman and a sultry temptress Maya, he ends up turning into a “420” (i.e. a Con Man - someone who cons another by first winning their confidence) and also gets rich quickly. But he is soon shot by Seth and falls “dead” unconscious. Vidya, the virtuous and a lady of grace and dignity, was his ultimate saviour.
RK, with his trampish persona marchin’ like Chaplin, under thunder, takes out an umbrella from the sober yet splendid and stately Nargis’s bag. Initially both play ‘Tu tu main main’ with each one wanting to hold the umbrella for the other.  It’s their love coming to light on our first sight. As they stroll along the street under the ‘smoking’ rain, a tea merchant sitting across the pavement delighted at their sight finds his piping hot tea tastier. His joyous face is a testament to my statement!
The subtle rain and mist patterns are splendid. Lighting effect is equally stunning, with the light and bright face of Nargis in complete contrast with the deliberate dark grey effect achieved on the face of RK. This is easily noticed when Nargis is singing those lines “Pyar Jo Toota, Pyar Jo Choota, Chand Na Chamakega Kabhi”.
Tunes from the bird flute played by RK add spice to the song. Also seen in the song are RK’s 3 sons Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Rajiv Kapoor walking along the pavement, hand in hand, when Nargis sings “Main Na Rahungi, Tum Na Rahoge, Phir Bhi Rahengi Nishaaniyaan” meaning “I won’t remain (forever) You won’t remain (forever) Still our signs (implying lineage) will remain”.
Powerful online chemistry of this pair chimes closely with their characters. This rain scene shot while Raj’s iron was burning a hole in the laundry table sure resonates whole of our hearts with haunting melodies.
RK and Nargis are believed to have enacted the scene for Lata and Manna Dey during recording of this song. Shree 420 was the highest grosser of that year. Popular outside India too, Russians learnt the songs of this movie and would sing in their accents. Film bagged Naional Award and two Filmfare awards.

Film: Shree 420 (1955)
Director, Producer and Actor: Raj Kapoor             
Female Lead Actor: Nargis
Music Composer: Shankar Jaikishan       
Lyrics: Shailendra                            
Singers: Manna Dey & Lata Mangeshkar

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    We would like to see more paintings in your photo gallery.God bless you.

    1. Thanks a lot Mama. Probably you missed by a whisker my song review of Nainon Mein Badra Chayye where I've also posted portrait of Madan Mohan Kohli, music composer of that song and Lata Mangeshkar, the singer here.