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Tum ko piya dil diya

1/6 songs from the film Shikari that offers viewers a full feel of fun what with the screen filled to a near full film length with nutsy, crazy color cramped fantasy.

A spectacular song pomply picturized on Helen and Ragini. Ragini’s accidental fall and a hit on the head

onscreen then, results in a song n dance sequence that remains a hit offscreen to this day!
A fantastic dreamy dance off with Helen by Ragini (as Rita) where Ragini, in her sad state of concussion dreams that she is competing with Helen, both vying with each other in perfect unison to catch Ajit’s attention. A kind of dream that can be dreamt only by a Rani like Ragini, all so since Helen holding hands with Ajit in gratitude when Ajit offered her help caught the eyes of Ragini. Instant assumption by Ragini that Ajit is in love with Helen (too?!). Not so uncommon reaction from our behen Ragini, after all she is no Yogini…right?!

Clearly a war via dance dreamt by Ragini as to who between them will lose in their battle of winning the heart
of Ajit, the mesmeric glances alternating at intervals by Ajit at both of them while dancing, notwithstanding!
The duo Ragini and Helen start off their dance backed by a stencilled setting of colourful cutouts, of leaves n
lotuses, twigs n springs, buds n blooms, pots and ponds, no different from the settings that we see while watching on TV, those Filmi Awards Fests n Fairs that happen with such pomp and fanfare! Both the dancers are costumed in colours - Red and White, is their a choice when the dreamy dance here directly hints at an indirect fight? Can’t miss noticing this: Distribution of that pleasing combo of colours - Red n White between the duo is an inverse ratio, designed to perfect proportion!
Whatta feast to our eyes, the scintillatingly synchronised offering by this dancing duo - a daringly dashing audio video of a colourful cameo!!

Movie Masala:
Tired of watching Helen in cabaret attire? View this song while you listen…pleasant change to see Helen here dressed in desi design!
One of the sisters’ trio of Travancore fame, Ragini was an acclaimed dancer and actress.  Her two elder sisters were Padmini and Lalitha who were also dancers, actors and performers in various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam etc. Ragini died of cancer in 1976 at the age of 39.
G S Kohli, music director of this sweet n melodious song, along with his independent compositions of songs like this for a few films, also worked as an assistant to OP Nayyar right through his career. The rhythmic beats, guitar and other instrumental interludes however remind us of the distinct impact of OPN.
His individual direction included songs from films Shikari (1963), Mr. India, Namaste Ji (1965), Adventures of Robin Hood (1965), Lambe Haath (1960), Faulad (1963), Purnima (1965), Char Dervesh (1964)

Film: Shikari (1963)          Director: Mohammed Hussain   Music Director: G S Kohli
Lyrics: Farooq Qaisar       Singers: Lata, Usha
Oomph! What a Sweet Sixtieth it was at Dignity Foundation this month. Celebrating this was Our Hero of Team Nostalgia Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam speaking about the unspoken legends of Bollywood, “Celebrating the Uncelebrated” as he rightly themed it. Strongly supporting the theme was a playlist of 20+ songs handpicked by him. Picked from this playlist for my song review was “Tum ko piya dil diya…..” from the movie Shikari (1963)….which you read above.
Reminiscence began with a soulful song of prayer “Hum ko man ki shakthi dena” from the film Guddi remembering Vasant Desai, the music composer and Vani Jayaram, the singer. While this sixtieth episode sailed with the singing of many an unsung hero’s ode, Sheshadri Sir stirred the session once in a while throwing questions at the discerning audience. Pat comes back the answers well before he completes the question! Courtesy Smt. Rekha Kini , Encyclopedia of Evergreen Old Bollywood and many other senior citizens like her adding to its pages.
La, la, la what an icing it was on the cake, with the storming of stage by Li’l Darling Aarohi, all of 5th grade (not even a 2004!!) springing one and all a surprise, singing this mesmerising number of Rafi and Asha “Ek Chameli ke mandve tale….” from the film Cha, Cha, Cha (1964)
What a way to the end, celebrating in advance,  our Hero’s B’day...tap, tap, tap n a clap, clap, clap, lilt n tilt to the song n need I say…Senior Citizens all set to Dance! Hey, why you looking askance saying Nnno Chhance? Sure, please do come n take a glance. Not sure if we can stop you dance!!!  J
While the team walked out of the programme with tons of takeaways equaling their giveaways, there we met an old man near the gate. “While walking past here, few minutes ago I heard someone sing a Rafi number Jaag dil-e-deewana rut jaage… and I stood still till I heard to its end.” What a Pat  that was to singer  Manjunath Prasad!
Here’s to you Sheshadri Sir… a tribute via salute, Chorus from us… “Haa Tujhe Salaam”

Nostalgia Songs List – March 17 2017
Duets by Manjunath Prasad and Rekha
Agar main puchoon jawab doge – Shikari (1963) Ajit, Ragini
Beqarar dil tu gaaye ja – Door ka Rahi   Ashok Kumar, Tanuja
Dil e nadan tujhe hua kya hai – Mirza Galib
Tum to pyar ho o sajni - Sehra
Tumko dekha toh ye khayal – Saath Saath – Farooq Sheikh, Deepti Naval
Kitni haseen ho tum – Yeh dil kisko doon – Shashi Kapoor, Ragini..?
Female Duets
Gore gore o banke chore – Samadhi
Tumko piya dil diya – Shikari
Chup chup khade ho zaroor – Badi Bahen
Solos by Manjunath Prasad
Yeh teri saadgi yeh tera baankpan – Shabnam
Tum ko dekha toh ye khayal aaya – Saath Saath
Jaag dil e deewana rut – Oonche Log (1965)
Dil jalta hai to jalne de – Pehli Nazar (1946)
Solos by Rekha
Dard e dil dard e vafaa – Sushila
Pankh Hoti Re Ud Aati Re – Sehra
Dil ne phir yaad kiya - Dil ne phir yaad kiya
Tasveer banata hoon tasveer nahin banti – Bara Dari
Solos by Shubha
Hum ko mann ki shakthi dena - Guddi
Aaja re pyar pukaare – Dil ne phir yaad kiya
Tere khayalon mein hum – Geet gaya patharon ne
Zindagi pyar ka geet hai – Souten
Solos by Sudha
Aye chandchup na jaana – Jawaab
Nazar se door jaanewale – Lahore
Ae ri main to prem diwani – NauBahar (1952)
Yeh kaisi ajab dastan ho gayi hai – Rustom Sohrab
Dil e nadan tujhe hua kya hai -
Solos by Kumuda
Panchi Bawara Chand se Preet Lagaye – Bhaktha Sur Das
Prabhu ji tum raakho laaj hamari – Hospital (1943)
Solo by Li’l Aarohi
Ek Chameli ke mandve tale – Cha Cha Cha


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