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Mora Gora Ang Laile

This song tells a tale of a young man Sampooran Singh Kalra pen named Gulzar who shot his name to fame,
from obscurity to celebrity via serendipity.
On landing in Mumbai, Gulzar went through tough times to survive. He worked as a car mechanic at Worli in Mumbai. However since his heart remained in writing destiny enabled him to return to his calling. What a joy it must have been for Gulzar when he got a call from Bimal Roy, right? Wrong! Guess why… adamant about his aversion to Bollywood, answer from Gulzar when asked by Bimal Roy to pen a song for his film Bandini was an assertive “Nnnno I don’t want to be a lyricist!” Yet, once Gulzar relented, there was no looking back.

A happy smiley charm of a song from a rare woman centric melancholic film that tells a tragic tale from
“her”point of view. Sung for a lady in love (picturized on Nutan) who plans to clandestinely meet her lover, the song has utterly simple lyrics penned by Gulzar, the Czar of Bollywood Song Scripts. In today’s world intoxicated by anything in the air that looks fair, Gulzar opts to take the road less travelled. His innovative mind thinks of this fair lady wishing to look darker just so she can make her wish come true by merging with the darkness of the night to meet her lover sans anyone’s sight. Propping up his innovative thinking is the prelude to the song by Director Bimal Roy about a tiny tale of Lord Krishna. Radha wishes that her fair skin turns dark which can merge into the darkness of night so that she can surreptitiously meet her favourite Lord Krishna without anyone’s notice. Ditto is Nutan here, probably a fan of fantasy, idolizing Radha.
What a wonder, this creation, Gulzar drawing his lines for lyrics from culture and mythology that is so very Indian, magical melody mused out by Lata Mangeshkar as directed by S D Burman perfectly matching with the pristine beauty of Nutan.
Lyricist Shailendra during the filming of Bandini got into an argument with S D Burman and decided not to work anymore in the film. He instead suggested that Gulzar pen the remaining song (and not songs)….for there was just one song left. Thus came into Bollywood fora, the magic of Gulzar called Mora Gora….

Movie Masala
Bandini - Landmark movie of 1960s
Last feature film with Bimal Roy as Director
Swept six awards in that year’s Fimfare Awards that included Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress
Bimal Roy was about to scrap the film when he came to know that Nutan was in the family way. Roy, a professional that he was, however managed to complete the film well before Nutan’s D Day!
While Mora Gora….was Gulzar’s first hit song, his debut in Bollywood was marked by Ganga aaye kahan se, Ganga jaye kahan re (Kabuliwalah)
Gora Mora Ang Laile is 1/7 songs from
Film: Bandini (1963)                     
Lyricist: Gulzar
Music Composer:  S D Burman              
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Director: Bimal Roy          

NOSTALGIA – 61st Episode
That was a real “Blast from the Past”! True to the theme, Team Nostalgia in this month’s episode at Dignity Foundation - 61st to be precise (yeh…Nostalgia Episode Count too has now joined “Senior Citizens Cadre” J ) trekked the audience down to Musical Melodies of Bollywood Lanes as old as 1950s. Nostalgia began the program by swiftly elevating the mood of the gathering, driving them deep down to a 1950 Prayer number from the movie Nirala “Mehfil mein jal uthi shama” rendered soulfully by Smt. Sudha followed by many more scores from Sheshadri Sir’s playlist. Picked from this playlist for my Song Review was “Mora Gora Ang Laile….” from Shesh Sir’s fave film “Bandini” picturized on Nutan melodiously sung by Smt. Rekha during the program. Song Review can be read at …. . Btw bhai aur behen, last time did you miss viewing my sketch of Helen? Ophh ho….this time then, don’t miss viewing my sketch of Nutan!
Songs that followed reminded us to reminisce the magic makers of Bollywood Yester Era be it The Gift of Bengal to Hindi Cinema - Bimal Roy’s “Mora Gora…..” or “Chod de Saari Duniya” from the black n white masterpiece Saraswathichandra – an out n out Gujarathi novel based movie. Smt. Kumuda from the audience with her beautiful rendering of a rare gem “Dekhta chala gaya main zindgi ki raah main” from the thriller cum comic film “Gateway of India” truly gushed out the floodgates of DF senior citizens’ fond memories to as early as 1950s. The pristine voice of Lata in the song “Guzra Hua Zamana” sung by Smt. Sudha with her voice so sublime tempted even a tiny boy (clad in red - can be viewed in pics) to lip sync. Oh buoy, imagine a boy not even a 2006 humming a song of 1956! Ain’t it reason enough to tap a pat for Team Nostalgia!?

Nostalgia Songs List – April 19 2017

Solos by Smt. Sudha:
Mehfil mein jal uthi shama – Nirala (1950)
Man Mohana Bhade Jhuthe – Seema(1955)
Guzra Hua Zamana – Shirin Farhad (1956)
Yeh tanhaai hai re hai phir na – Tere Ghar Ke Saamne (1963)
Nigahen Milane Ko Jee Chahta hai – Dil Hi To Hai (1963)
Chhod De Saari Duniya Kisi Ke Liye – Saraswatichandra (1968)

Solos by Smt. Rekha
Main aaj pawan mein paau Ek mithi si chubhan – Reshma aur Shera (1971)
Tere bina jiya jayena – Ghar (1978)
Mora gora ang laile – Bandini (1963)
Ae Ri Pawan Dhundhe Kise Tera Mann – Bemisal (1982)

Female Duets
Kahe tarsaye jiyara – Chitralekha (1964)
Janu janu re chupke kaun aaya – Insan Jaag Utha (1959)

Solos by Smt. Kumuda
Shukirya Ae Pyar Tera – Aaram (1951)
Dekhta chala gaya main zindgi ki raah main – Gateway of India (1957)
Pyar par bas tho nahin hain – Sone ki chidiya (1958)

Duets by Sheshadri Sir and Smt. Rekha
Aa Neele Gagan Tale Pyar – Badshah (1954)



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  1. Mangala,We saw this just now.We kept admiring the thrilling account/success story,and ,also the two photographs of Nutan(who was a favorite actress).We then realised that the second one is your creation.Hats off to the great artist in you.Congratulations and best wishes.We shall go through the remaining parts soon.

    1. Thanks a lot Mama....glad you read the post and noticed my sketch too!