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Is Mod Se Jaate Hain (Duet)

Film with a gripping story, classy direction and brilliant music. It was banned for a brief period since it bore resemblance to the then PM Indira Gandhi’s personal life. This is the most beautiful song of the film which tells about a couple’s journey of life. The song was shot at Pahalgam, a popular hill station in Jammu and Kashmir. Gulzar’s great lyrics, RD Burman’s soulful tuning and golden voices of Lata and Kishore together make this song an immortal melody.
You may listen to the song here
Estranged couple JK, a dignified hotel manager (role played by Sanjeev Kumar) & Arti Devi, a politician (portrayed brilliantly by Suchitra Sen) meet by chance after many years. The song is sung during two ‘mods’ or turning points in their lives in the film. First is when they are just married and are dreaming about their future. And a repeat when the couple decides to part ways 9 years after marriage, marking the second ‘mod’ of their life journey. Though they both separated, the film does not portray either of them as villain. It is just that their chosen paths in life were different. Separation probably provided them enough space making their hearts grow fonder and stronger!
“The paths that lay ahead of us may be many” is what they sing, yet both wish to choose the same destination: Each Other. The mood of the couple in this song is one of cheer and hope with Sanjeev Kumar smiling and Suchitra Sen mildly bubbly and gently naughty. Lataji very generously and wonderfully stretches the word “Mod” lending tiny ripples and achieves conveying the precise meaning to it.
This number was listed among the “Best Songs of the Decade” in Binaca Geetmala. This film won the Film Critics Award. Sanjeev Kumar bagged the “Best Actor” Award. Suchitra Sen was nominated for “Best Actress”. This was Suchitra Sen’s last Hindi film. The role of Arti was initially offered to Vijayanthi  Mala which she declined. Incidentally, there is no other female role in the film except Arti!
Film: Aandhi (1975) 1/ 4 songs    Director: Gulzar                           Lyrics: Gulzar
Composer: RD Burman                  Singers: Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar

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