Saturday, 18 March 2017

Jyothi Kalash Chalake

Song that signals the rise of dawn brightening the entire world, with sunny striking rays sending splendor to its surrounds subtly sounding us their soft and caring motherly touch. Doesn’t this remind us of Mother Yashoda caring for Lord Krishna?
You may listen to the song here
What a tribute this… to mothers! Meena Kumari, going about her usual early morning routine,
starting the day with a sweep, broom vrooming around right from the courtyard outside perhaps all the way in to backyard inside, mopping them all, watering plants et al, starting with our Holy Thulsi, not to forget those beautiful, complex looking yet flawless rangolis (kollams) drawn so simply with such great ease that speaks volumes of the artist’s expertise. Watch the visuals. You are sure to be floored!
Amidst hectic morning schedule, Meena Kumari  doesn’t miss exchanging sweet nothings with the little one seated on the steps right alongside. Meenaji, your routine is ditto ditto like my Ammaji! And me too, like the little one, would be towing my mom and would sit exactly the way, the little boy sat on the steps, palms clasped around cheeks, keenly observing all that my mom would be doing, all ears to her humming. No change in me even now! For at this moment, even as I am keying in this review, while I keep switching back to listen to this song, hands move away from keyboard and are automatically clasped around my cheeks. An auto posture that portrays all attention to the task in front!
I remember listening to this song frequently on the radio, (Philips Brand to be precise!) along with my father who would promptly turn on every day those days at the scheduled time. That was an era when neither I (nor you) could watch visuals nor did I have an inkling of what those lyrics meant. It’s just the tunes and their magical melody that got etched in my memory. They faithfully stay with me to this day. So when I recently attended in my neighbourhood, a local concert of a Sitarist friend of mine Smt. Jyothi Shyam and she took a detour from the standard route of playing heavy classical Hindustani songs and chose instead to play Light Devotionals and a few Bollywood Retro Numbers in general plus this song in particular, I was tempted to rush to her and plead with her, “Please Jo, can you sing this song too while you play the sitar.” My memory cells have retained the tunes intact but lo! lyrics have slithered out. Fortunately Jo played this song almost towards the end of the concert. Once back home, I wasted no time in not just listening to the lyrics but also viewed the song and googled for translation. Oh technology….where were you way back then? Did I have to wait these many decades to slurppp…swallow the sweet nectar overflowing from this music?
1/7 songs from the Film: Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan (1961)                         
Music Composer:  Sudhir Phadke             Singer: Lata Mangeshkar              Director: Sadashiv J Row Kavi      Cast: Meena Kumari, Balraj Sahni        Lyricist: Pandit Narendra Sharma       

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