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Cryptic Clues Type “F” CF 36 to CF 40

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CF 36: Painful cry when a drawing instrument was in contact (5)
CF 37: Agree to meet a friend at a junction (5)
CF 38: Operating system that required using cap on a mountain peak (5)
CF 39: Advertisement and other things displayed to hire a trainee (5)
CF 40: Concern for a learner to keep it understandable (5)

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Solutions for Cryptic Clues Type “F” CF 31 to CF 35
CF 31: RELATIVE offered soup with hesitation (7)
Answer: Synonym of “RELATIVE” = Anagram of (Synonym of “soup” + Code for “hesitation”) = Anagram of (BROTH + ER) = BROTHER

CF 32: Dance right away in a SLEEVELESS CLOAK (4)
Answer: Synonym of “SLEEVELESS CLOAK” = Anagram of (Synonym of “Dance” - Code for “right”) = Anagram of (CAPER – R) = CAPE
Notice the gentle hint in this clue “right away”.  Here the word “away” is used to give you a hint that “right” i.e. “R” must be removed or taken away. So we often have to read between the words to solve a Cryptic Clue

CF 33: Yes, when one has fever, there's no guarantee of EMPLOYMENT (5)
Answer: Synonym of “EMPLOYMENT” = Anagram of (Synonym of “fever” +  Code for “Yes”) = Anagram of (AGUE + S) = USAGE

CF 34: INSULT a relative for wearing a casual shirt (5)
Answer: Synonym of “INSULT” = Anagram of (Synonym of “relative” +  Code for “casual shirt”) = Anagram of (AUNT + T) = TAUNT

CF 35: It's 50£ now and the price can go HIGHER (6)
Answer: Synonym of “HIGHER” = Anagram of (Synonym of “price” +  Code for “50” + Code for “£”) = Anagram of (RATE + L + L) = TALLER

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