Monday, 18 July 2016

In Search of an Archie by the name of Arathi

Knock, knock, knock
Tap, tap, tap
Search I did, door to door
Sorry dear, came their reply (their = neighbours on the street where Arathi lived once upon a time)
Left with little choice,
I told myself… let me try, try n try.

Knock, knock, knock
Tap, tap, tap
Search I did, door to door
This time though, I made up my mind
Wish of mine, may it come true.

Couldn’t believe my ears
Allayed were my fears
When my wish that was surreal  (of tracing her whereabouts)
Indeed turned real
Ending the wait of decades of years
Wiping away all my tears!

(Penned with all my heart for my dear friend Arathi Rangaswamy….. )                                                     
Mangala Madhuchand

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