Monday, 18 July 2016

“Brighter Side brought to Light”

A poem I penned for my friend Vani Vasudev

It is said that “Spiritual eyesight improves as physical eyesight declines!”
Extending this just for you….

“Even when sights of all kind make us blind,
Foresight, hindsight….et al decline,
We need not despair, for,
In you, we have a friend,
Who can help us lean against spiritual incline,
Meandering our way from the ‘Monkey Mind’,
Braving us back to the “Human Kind”!

Sailing through the ebb and flow,
Of the Strait of Life,
While our moods are high or low,
“Low or high, need not sigh”, you say so.
Lifting us up, when we drown,
Levelling us down, when on high,
Never leaving any high and dry!

Any of life’s troubles that we may bemoan
Mammoth to us, they may appear
Trivial they may be, yet we fear.

But, as you say,
“The Big Picture” when we see
Those trivia, the hitherto big blocks
Verily melt down to tiny specks
And soon they disappear!

Ever ready to share your pearls of wisdom
To let one’s mind stand erect,
Short and sweet sermon from ‘Thou The Prefect’
”Through the Looking Glass, may we see,
 “A single human, do we find perfect?
This common fact of life may we reflect,
Errors of the world, one need not mirror
Our strifes, several they may be,
Try we must, to set them straight,
On good deeds, may we concentrate”

Making one realize, at tides of time,
Best is to live down to earth,
Just so, we find peace in our hearth,
Live life to its full, to our heart’s content
Well, isn’t that our basic intent?

Author: Mangala Madhuchand

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