Monday, 18 July 2016

Sweet Corn Song

(penned by Mangala Madhuchand)
Grand Old Corn
Bright when born
Shows up when husk is torn
So so sweet to taste
Yes, can be cooked in haste
Wow… so great! Please don’t waste
This beautiful, dear corn
Lest it feels forlorn.

Spice them up with corns of pepper
How about grated mozzarella
For a scatter?
Sprout them, grind them
To a superfine flour
Mix it to a dough, roll it flat though
To make a tempting tortilla.

Oh I see…you still have
Some kernels leftover?
Oh so sweet….use them up
As filling for quesadilla
Hey, did I hear you say
“Idella namage gothe iralilla!!” *

* This  sentence  is written using kannada language. In English, it means “We didn’t know all of these”

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To view Recipe "Sweet Corn Kosambari"
click Sweet Corn Kosambari link::

Reminds me of my trip with friends when we all enjoyed this Sweet Corn Kosambari. Few pics below

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