Thursday, 14 July 2016


Hey, can you do a write up,
My boss suddenly came up.

On what? asked the innocent me
Of course, on Audit!
Came the cool reply.

A write up on Audit?
Oh yes, I can do
Replied me, for the heck of it.

I went on to write it
Got thoroughly stuck with it
Can you guess why?
Because it is so vague and dry!

Can I have the write up?
Back came my boss
I could not speak up
For, all my attempts to write
Went for a toss.

Said my boss,
I’ll come after a while
Keep it ready without fail.

I started writing in a file
Picking up sheets from the pile
And my pen getting steady.

 “Is it ready, by any chance?”
questioned she with a glance.
Please hurry up and send by mail
Else, behind the deadline, we shall trail.

Not once she screamed,
Not once was she cross,
But yes, she was the boss.

I became tense, really tense
Words that I penned
Made no sense
I prayed to myself,
Good heavens!

God was great,
He answered my prayers
For, out from the papers
Emerged a poem.

I managed to twine,
A few words in them.
More words from my pen
Came down like rain.

My friends saw it
They read it
Wah! Wah ! Good for Audit!
Good for Innerve!!
And they sang it.

My boss saw it
And she read it,
Melodious it was
When she hummed it.

Yes, she saw it
And said about it
Great for Audit, not for Innerve!
What purpose does it serve?

Words for my poem,
Had showered down like rain
Now, I was going back home
Crying in pain

Now. it was tears
That flowed down like rain
For, my great little poem
Was going down the drain.

Friends called me
They consoled me
My boss came to me
And she consoled me.

Never mind, if it
Doesn’t go for print
Come on, let’s display it
For all to see, in our department,
That is, Audit.

So sweet of them,
They pacified me.
So sweet of my boss
She agreed with them.

We pinned it
And we sang it.
Apt for Innerve!
Good for Sobha!!
And pride for Audit!!!

Mangala Madhuchand

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