Monday, 18 July 2016

My Poem for Pankaj Vernekar

Here is a very short poem I penned for my dear friend Pankaj Vernekar (one of the starters in my series of poems for a few of my friends) 

On this Special Day, while your kith and kin are there with you,
To make your day, bright like sunshine.
I wish, they forget yours, those few favourites,
Say, cigar and wineJ
To make this day, especially fine!!

On sharing this with Rishab, my tiny sweetie, which I always do, albeit aware of the trouble in store! Pat came his reply,
 “Amma, instead, on this special day of Uncle's, you should wish him more of cigar and wine!” Exchange of glances….Popeyed Stare vs Short n Sweet Smile, ear to ear!J Tempts me to rewrite….

It’s Cheers!! Pankaj, with Glühwein
May your life get better with age,
Like fine wine!

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