Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues Type “C” – CC 11 to CC 15

CC 11:  Financial organization located on the land alongside a river (4)

CC 12: Piece of metal finds place in a court room (3)

CC 13: Fierce shout heard through the skin of a tree (4)

CC 14: Flying mammal uses a blade to hit a ball (3)

CC 15: Male goat uses a metal cooking pot (5)

Solutions to the above clues are posted at Solutions for CC 11 to CC 15

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SOLUTIONS for  Cryptic Clues CC 6 to CC 10

CC 6: Attempt to create a piece of writing (5)  ANSWER: ESSAY
            (since the word “Attempt” and the phrase “a piece of writing” can both mean Essay)

CC 7: Flat and smooth finish isn’t odd (4) ANSWER: EVEN
            (since both the phrases “flat and smooth” and “isn’t odd” can mean Even)

CC 8: Defeat in a battle during autumn (4) ANSWER: FALL
            (since both the words “Defeat” and “autumn” can mean Fall)

CC 9: Talk persistently about a musical instrument (4) ANSWER: HARP
            (since both the phrases “Talk persistently” and “musical instrument” can mean Harp)

CC 10: Animal skin, can we keep it out of sight? (4) ANSWER: HIDE
            (since both the phrases “Animal skin” and “keep it out of sight” can mean Hide)

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