Monday, 18 July 2016

Discovering True Love

Poem dedicated to my dear friend Nina Menon

Once upon a time….five long years that we traversed together
Only to find a few vanish away,
From many amongst our Archies Array,
Almost out of the blue,
Creating in our minds,
Real cry and hue!  (For poetry’s sake, this funny language I forsake!)
One among some, wasn’t that you?

Sailing across Seven Seas, making your testament “Microsoft”ly
Good bye guys, see me gals!
Here I land on greener pastures,
Towing my tennis and oh yeah…
“My hubby, my love”!

Armed with a racquet,
The All Powerful Me,
Played enough games to create,
In my lone opponent’s mind (lone opponent: Read “husband”)
A roaring racket!!
Poor hubby, was he left with any choice,
But to fall in love?! (Pun intended)
Lo! Wish you Archies watch us playing
Tennis, My True Love...!”

Sailing back to celebrate “Our Silver”, heard you announce macroloudly
Hey bullier guys n pallier gals
Missed you lots, all of these years
Love to see you again n again,
But then….sorry dear
No more than just once a year!

Flying off home you watched….
With your dearie daughter
‘Hubby Richer’ vs ‘Tennis Lovelier’
Yes we Archies love to watch them
Grand Slamming over
“Nina, Their True Love!!” 

Part of Archies gang in front of Architecture Dept. Jnanabharathi Campus - 3+ decades old pic! published for posterity :)
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