Monday, 18 July 2016

A Chitra to S. Chitra

Sharing a poem I penned for my dear friend Chitra Sundarajan

Marching ahead hand in hand
Bewitching beauties blooming
Guards of Honour flanking        

 Daintily decked from top to toe
Kajal eyed, Bow tied
Tresses dangling, Pendants hanging
Silken fabric, Shining shoes

Singing Bon Bon, Binging bonbon
Looking tip top, Dancing hip hop
To the lilting music Pop…bop

Criss cross, tic tac toe,
Guards of Honour chatting
Tip top we, from top to toe
With grace n poise, we all sashaying
Yet neck to neck, ahead we are racing,
Ear to ear, smiles curving….

Oh, come on, hurry up!
Ding Dong, Ding Dong…. the bell is ringing
Tick Tock, Tick, Tock…the clock is ticking
Oh my! Isn’t it so ah laa…rming!!

March has marched past, arrived hath April
The Day is Fifteenth and the time is Now
Bewitching beauties blooming
To present a Present, what can it be?

Hurrrray…got an idea!
Trash it as bosh… oh no yeah!
A Chitra to S. Chitra!
 Wah…what an idea!!
Call it not as Vichitra!

Dilli ki Raani, kaisi hai
Ye kavitha ishtyle ki kahani
Calling it lengthy…maharani?
So what, when it is lullabied with a lac of lustre and love aplenty!

Ps: Chitra = Drawing “Vichitra” = Strange. The enclosed drawing is, in a sense, strange since I’ve drawn it using mud.

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